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School Profile

Moody High School: Learning Is Our Passion

Moody High School is an institution of higher learning located in Moody, Alabama. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding our students as they grow and develop, putting them on a successful path for life. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student body, taking into account the many ways in which students learn.

Moody High School Purpose:

The purpose of Moody High School is to prepare students for college, career, and life.

Physical Restraint

As part of the policies and procedures of the St. Clair County School System, the use of physical restraint is prohibited in the St. Clair County School System and its educational programs except in those situations in which the student is an immediate danger to himself or others and the student is not responsive to less intensive behavioral interventions including verbal directives or other de-escalation techniques. Physical restraint is expressly prohibited when used as a form of discipline or punishment. The use of other physical restraint, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, or seclusion is prohibited in the St. Clair County School System and its educational programs.

The use of restraint may occur along with other emergency actions such as the school seekingassistance from law enforcement and/or emergency medical personnel which could result in aremoval of the student by such personnel.

Significant violations of the law including assaults on students and staff will be reported to thepolice. As soon as possible after the restraint or removal of a student (and no longer than oneschool day following the occurrence), the parent or legal guardian will be provided writtennotification.