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Principal's Corner

Welcome Letter

On behalf of the students, teachers, and staff, we want to welcome you to Moody High School. As the sights and sounds rise for this school year, we are excited for a successful academic campaign. The tremendous potential that the current population of Moody High School students brings to our school each day will allow us to continue to build on academic, athletic, and character culture that we continue to develop.

Out teachers, coaches, and sponsors at Moody High School are striving to create a learning environment that is engaging while allowing for real-world application of concepts. We are committed to the development of knowledge and skills such as hard-work, diligence, respect, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Our philosophy will help students prepare to become both college and career ready.

There is much to celebrate academically and athletically from the last school year; however, this is a new year. There is an exciting culture shift as we are committed to the #goldstandard and #oneway, but we have added the endeavors of #expectsuccess and #everydaycounts. It is critical both students and teachers give their best effort each day as we strive towards our goals on the ACT, college and career readiness, graduation rate, daily attendance, athletics, clubs, and competitions.

As principal at Moody High School, I am excited about the opportunities and future we envision. Our students and community have potential that we want to build. This is important as we are striving to create a brand that Moody High School and the Moody community is proud to support as well as a name that is known in the state and nationally. We are excited to see what the school year brings and Go Blue Devils!