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Summer Reading

All English classes will require summer reading. All standard English classes grades 9-12 will be taking a 30-45 question multiple choice test on August 11th. These tests will have questions which target the main ideas, themes, and characters of the novel. Summer reading lists can be found on the school's website, every English teacher's website, the library's website, and in the school office beginning in May.

Be aware that some books may confront controversial issues, explore adult situations, and contain strong language. As you read you may want to take notes, outline chapters, and do whatever works best for you to ensure you retain the material.

All students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), will be provided an alternate book based on his/her documented reading level. The students will be tested with an assessment through the System 44 or Read 180 programs.


            9th Grade Standard English

            9th Grade PreAP English


            10th Grade Standard English

            10th Grade PreAP English


            11th Grade Standard English

            11th Grade AP Language


            12th Grade Standard English

             12th Grade AP Literature


            Dual Enrollment English