Reinforcing Strengths and Rising to Challenges

     Our academic program provides students with rich learning experiences in a wide variety of subject areas.

We  reinforce our students' individual strengths and help them achieve excellence,  even in the subjects where

they face the toughest challenges. Our teachers demonstrate the practical relevance of every subject matter,

giving students an added incentive to learn.



ENGLISH                                                           MATH                                                       SOCIAL STUDIES

English 9                                                           Algebra1A                                                   World History

PreAP English 9                                               Algebra 1B                                                   US History I

English 10                                                         Algebra !                                                     US History II

PreAP English 10                                             Geometry                                                    Dual Enrollment History 201    

English 11                                                        PreAP Geometry                                         Dual Enrollment History 202

AP English Language 11                                  Algebraic Connections                               Government & Economics

English 12                                                        Algebra II w/ trigonometry 

AP English Literature 12                                   Discrete Mathematics                           FOREIGN LANGUAGE

Dual Enrollment English 101/102                      Precalculus                                             Spanish I

                                                                          AP Calculus                                            Spanish II




SCIENCE                                                    Miscellaneous Electives                              Career Technical at ECTC

Physical Science                                           Creative Writing                                            Automotive Service Technology

Biology                                                           Mythology                                                     Building Construction

PreAP Biology                                               Art I, II, III, IV                                                Business Academy                                 

Earth & Space Science                                  History of Film                                              Collision Repair and Refinishing

Zoology                                                           Psychology                                                  Cosmetology

PreAP Chemistry                                            Dual Enrollment Psychology 200                 Fire Science Academy (Pell City FD)

Anatomy/Physiology                                       Read 180 / System 44                                  Health Science / Technology

AP Chemistry                                                 Yearbook                                                        Information Technology


                                                                                                                                              JROTC (AT ECTC, but not Career Tech)