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Principal's Corner

December Information

Hi Parents,


I wanted to be sure everyone was informed concerning the semester exam schedule.


Wed. Dec. 14: No Late Arrival Day today.  The first exam begins at 8:00!

1st period exam 8:00-9:15

3rd period exam 9:25-10:40

5th period exam 10:50-12:05


Thurs. Dec. 15:

2nd period exam 8:00-9:15

4th period exam 9:25-10:40

6th period exam 10:50-12:05


Fri. Dec. 16

7th period exam 8:00-9:15

Make up exams 8:00-9:15 only if the student has a doctor's excuse from the missed exam.


Other important information about exams: 

  • Students may come to school at the time of their first exam.  For example, if a student does not have an exam first period, then he/she can come to school at 9:20.  This "tardy" does not count against them towards exemptions at the end of the year and they do not have to be signed in by a parent.
  • If a student will be leaving school after his/her last exam on any of the days, he/she needs to have a parent note allowing them to check out.  The note should be given to the teacher in the last exam of the day.  Students will need a separate note for each of the three days.  This check out does not count against the student.  If the student does not have a note, he/she is required to be at school until 3:00.
  • Students are required to remain in the classroom for the entire testing period.  Please do not come to school to "check out" your child during an exam period.  We will not call into the classroom to get your student.
  • If a student misses an exam, a doctor's note is required for the student to make up the exam on Friday, December 16.
  • A zero will be entered on the student's report card if they miss the exam.  The exam counts for 20% of the semester grade.
  • Buses will run at the usual time of 3:00 on Wednesday and Thursday and 12:00 on Friday.
  • At the conclusion of the last exam of the day, the students will go to the gym.  They will be walked to the lunchroom for lunch at an assigned time.  Then they will return to the gym.
  • On Friday, December 16, we will dismiss at 12:00 pm.

Students return to school on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.  It is a late arrival day so we will begin school at 9:00.


Please let me know if you have any questions about the contents of this email!

Cheryl Kuyk