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  About The School  


     The City of Moody, Alabama is a rapidly expanding community found in St. Clair County situated twenty-five miles northeast of Birmingham, Alabama. The current population of Moody is 13,855, and businesses such as Publix are opening in the city to meet the needs of the fastest growing city in county. The current commercial employment for residents revolves around retail trade and services.  Moody Elementary School, Moody Middle School, Moody Junior High School, and Moody High School house students from the families in the city.

    Moody High School is one  of nineteen schools found in the St. Clair County School System. There are thirty-eight teachers, four instructional aides, one media center and technology coordinator, one secretary, one bookkeeper, one nurse, and two administrators. Among the teachers and administrators, 100% are highly qualified and 63% have obtained a Master's Degree. The current population of students totals 689 students, and 82.7% of this population is white-Caucasian students. The second largest ethnic population is African-American at 10.7%, Native American is 4.1%, Asian is 1.3%, and multiple races is 1.2%.

Additionally, 45.6% of the students are female and 54.4% is male, and 22.9% of these students qualify for free or reduced lunch services.

    Moody High School is proud of its academic, athletic, and extra-curricular offerings.  Students are able to earn numerous college credits through participation in AP and Dual Enrollment classes.  We strive to prepare our students for both college and career by also offering strong Agricultural Science and Culinary programs. Our students may participate in thirteen different sports and fifteen clubs.  We also have a Bass Fishing Team and an Archery Team.

    Due to composition of the Moody city population, there are several unique challenges for Moody High School. There is a high level of rural and impoverished households in the city. That means that access to technology and internet services outside of the classroom is limited for a large number of students. In addition to this characteristic, there is a large number of students that reside in non-English speaking households. This dynamic creates a communication barrier for student behaviors, school activities, and parental involvement.

    However, Moody High School has grown exponentially from an academic perspective and will continue to make all efforts to prepare students to become college and career ready.